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Default I feel the same way with regard to many non narcotics

I have seen people impaired and not realizing it with regard to cough and cold medicine as well who shouldn't be driving.

I don't doubt your physician said that to you Dale however it's very true with regard to many other medications as well both non narcotic and narcotic as to CNS potential impairment and/or effects.

There are many that won't drive at all on any narcotic pain medication. I actually forget that I'm even taking anything most of the time until this subject comes up with regard to driving and narcotic medication.

I know of 3 persons that had their drivers licenses suspended because of prescription medication admitted when stopped for a moving violation.

One was an antiseizure medication (used for neuropathies like many of us have or had taken) one was a prescription allergy medication, one a pain medication.

None of them felt impaired but got stopped for some violation and admitted to the medication use.

I recognize what you're saying Dale with regard to what your doctor told you however I think that all these drugs have the potential to create CNS effects that would make driving a less than recomended activity. I think your doctor was being vigilent and actually doing his job!
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