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Default oops

Just saw that part about the non certified coder as being a position open. I guess they'd be willing to take someone perhaps recently out of a program pending certification. I imagine certification is like anything else in the healthcare field and just want prefer to use people that are certified esp in case something happens and they are keeping to state standards or standards in the community re certified personnel. May even be part of Joint Commission hospital certification requirements and such.

So I can see your rush tho still think that if there is a big enough pool of applicants most likely the person w/o recent surgical limitations will be chosen just because of lack of liability then again perhaps they have a quota of disabled employees they need to fill and you'd qualify. You just never know... wouldn't beat yourself up trying to get there if your body isn't ready (is my real point)not to mention other things that need to be worked out like your daughter's schedule. Does Jeff have a flexible work schedule in which he could possibly get away from work to take your dau to school if it were necessary (as in if you were working?)?

Good luck w/all Judy ~ it'd be driving me nutz to even be thinking about all the stuff you have to deal with. Again those 5 kids must be a great distraction even tho alot of mouths to feed! Hopefully they are of good support to you as well emotionally. I wonder where their heads are at about all this. Hope Becka is doing OK with it.

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