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Default oops again.. 4 "only"

About asking questions re jobs if things haven't changed since I was employed and of course they may well have (10 years since last job) what can be asked is if there is any reason you could not perform the position that you're applying so you would put "no" because if you put yes then why are you applying?!

Then I think there is a question about reasonable accomodation or maybe that's where you have to at least say something in the interview if it gets that far as to your needs if you know you cannot sit 8 hours and the position requires sitting 8 hours.

While jobs can't ask the medical information on the application I'm pretty certain if healthcare benefits are offered it can be asked there. Even if you're not going to get benefits it sounds like you'd need a reasonable accomodation at least at this point in terms of sitting full time (or standing or being on your feet).

You've probably seen job applications more recently than I have so I guess you better know what to expect. If it is a part time job for coding and you think you can do the hours and whatever is required re sitting or whatever then I'm sorry if I jumped the gun and rained all over your parade re work!
Maybe you can do part time sometime sooner.

I like the idea of volunteering as it's flexible and like you said you can keep current with your skills and sort of feel things out plus give your body necessary time to recover and be the "enforcer" at home or the "bad guy"~ no just kidding!!!

Hopefully your kids will see thru what you go thru and the whole good guy bad guy thing will just be ironed out

uh oh,,,, gettin super tired.. have to say g' night now! Maria
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