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Default re beach

I'd like to go if and if I don't have to take my cat to the vet in the a.m. (15 y.o. persian w/health probs and one week of stinky loose poops) I'd like to go. What time are you thinking about? My Vet actually has 2 offices I go to and one is closer to there being in Sunset Beach. I hate to leave this old kitty anywhere tho if I had to take him tomorrow and have to go there I could drop him off and ask to just keep in a few hours while I go the beach w/Lola.

I may just call this morning and see what hours the good doc has to see which office I can take Winston to. Fridays are difficult to get parking in front of my apt. after about 1p.m. so it's kinda hard to carry him from a block away even tho he only weighs 6 lbs. He moves in the carrier alot...

Ok I'm gonna see how the a.m. goes and where the good doc (Vet) is today/tomorrow in terms of bringing this kitty in.

Re the decision.. if it were me I'd wait until your visitor leaves before going back to volunteer. I get into cleaning frenzies pre visitors...
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