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Default re tiredness

Besides depression which I'd think normal considering circumstances personally for me when my ESI wore off I felt like a balloon w/o air. Yeah and not only that I went into flare up mode for at least 2 weeks unless another one was given on the heels of the one I just had which was rarely the case as I liked to span my 3/year out over the year according to seasons and travel and such.

So I imagine you've got some of that going on as well. Therapy sounds like a good recommendation if you have the coverage (mental health) and can afford the co-pay if you have that. My specialty co-pays are $40/per visit so that's kinda limiting to someone on a fixed budget living on my budget alone (what with all other costs). Still if the circumstances are grave enough I'd get help.

Sometimes there are options that aren't costly like groups for "broken hearts" or persons that are divorced/separated and that might be a viable solution if $ is a consideration.

What I imagine there is that's in the evening and may be difficult for you to get to or stay awake at.. dunno.

Oh just remembered why I intially got back on to post to you and that is I have to take my cat into the Vet tomorrow at 11a.m. but the office that's in LB not in Sunset Beach (or close to Bolsa Chica).

I may be there till about noon time so realistically I'd probably not head out to the beach until afternoon. I'd prefer to get an earlier start just because I don't like to drive PCH during busier traffic hours (coming back).

So I guess I won't go tomorrow. Hopefully soon. Lola deserves to go to the beach at least once this summer! We've not even gone locally here which I feel badly about.

I hope Friday will be Ok for you what with your sons going to your hub's. I guess he feels the girls would have your back and may act snotty to the GF but maybe the boys won't? I think J should have invited the kids to go out by himself w/o the GF or taken you guys out as a family even if not living together.

Hang in there and yes you are thought about alot and hoping you're hanging in there Ok.
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