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Default maybe that's it!

Hey Judy,
thanks for reminding me I might be preggers! Not! It's so funny but I had said somewhere else I felt seasick but actually this does feel like morning sickness. It's really such a pain. I've had nausea before that kept me inside till about 1p.m. each day but haven't had that for a year or so.

I did get my cat to the Vet and Lola came along for the ride. She got underneath the car next to mine while I was talking to someone outside the office and got grease on her back. I wanted to take her to get bathed after getting the cat taken care of but I guess Lola realized that and went right under the bed when we got home. She is such a smarty pants!

So I went out and ran errands and a friend I rarely see and his Mom from Fla. and sis from NYC asked me if I wanted to go out to eat at Kelly's Steakhouse tonight.

Well, I hardly was able to stomach soup at lunchtime so I was afraid to even think about sitting in a steakhouse let alone eating any. I don't eat much red meat so I wasn't wild about the idea anyway but if it hadn't been for the nausea I'd have gone to see my friend, his Mom and his sister.

Judy you are welcome to call me anytime you feel like it and you can cry on my shoulder. re the cheating stuff.. that's on Jeff not you so it's just behavior he chose to do and really there's lots of cheaters out there (you're in CA for heaven's sake!) so it's not like people are shocked by it or think less of you for "his" behavior.

I'm glad you have one nice friend who does understand the respiratory aspect of things with you. Sounds like a nice person to know/hang with.

Ok I won't get into the depression thing because honestly I think with multiple losses it just makes sense that one isn't going to be feeling happy or upbeat though hopefully you know that we don't expect anything of you except want you to take care of yourself as best you're able for now.

And if you don't mind too much you'll get some gentle nudging and prodding from a couple of "sisters" out here on the forum!

take care and hope tonight is Ok for you.
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