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Default re pain at fusion site

I'm pretty sure that's within normal limits at only six weeks out esp. given all you've been doing I think it's normal. Now if you mean pain at the site as in redness, tenderness, swelling, and/or oozing of purulent material with an odor,and increased warmth at site ~ no, that's not normal. But pain as in aching and/or just pain.. sounds like I've heard that from many that have had a fusion of any number of lumbar levels and again w/your level of activity I don't know that I'd expect it not to be hurting to some degree.

Do you feel less pain when you start your day and more as the day increases and with more activity? Had the pain lessened at some point and then started to increase again? I know you had the ESI a while back to help with your leg symtoms which may have allowed you to be a bit more active than you really could tolerate so you have to consider your overall activity level post surgery.

Are you due for another ESI anytime soon?
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