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I really like this guy, he seems down to earth and really nice. My neck brace sure gets the sympathy vote for me, even the homeless in Pasadena's Old Town shopping area just say hi and don't even ask me for change.

It feels really good to have started the proceedings. Jeff will not respond to any questions about getting together for a division of assets. He is being an immature ass. My oldest son is going to call him on it the next time they see each other, he does not want to do it by text because his dad will have time to come up with some excuses or ask for help.
The or my attorney said we do go to a mediator , which will be like the first step, i think. He also said the money he will get for me until the legal separation becomes final will be more than the legal separation amount. He said he will drag the proceedings as long as he can to keep me in more money.

He is going to be hurting for money and i don't really care. The fact that the girlfriend told the boys that she earns $100,000 /year but it is far less than their dad earns. Well if she is after him thinking he earns tons of money , he doesn't she will be in for a surprise.
He has taken her on 3 vacations and another is booked on an airline. In Las Vegas they spent $200 on one meal and $1,000 on the 2 days they were there.
So no, i don't feel bad at all. I am still very hurt, but i don't feel bad for him.
I took percocet every 4 hours (twice today ) so felt pretty good during the day. I will be declining now!!
I had a good walk up to the park at the base of my trail so that made me happy. Going up hill as well as downhill are easier than flat land for me, so i should try a little bit of the trail when my doc gives the OK.

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