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Default Lola is home

Dale and Judy,
Lola apparently had something long and cordlike in her intestines and she had a barium swallow to push it thru (or would have had surgery). I got to the Vet's office after he left so I was told to give her boiled chicken and rice and watch her at home tho he was fairly certain the barium pushed it all out.

She pooped some pure barium stools outside the office and right after I got her home. She's had her obligatory chicken and rice dinner and she's under the bed sleeping now.

I tell you guys this dog and my cats are my heart esp. since my father passed away. I mean they were anyway but more so now.. (I probably sound like the world's most unstable person at the moment).

Some friends and I were supposed to out tonight to the local ArtWalk and Lola always goes with and is a celebrated dog at these events as she's well known but there is no way I'm taking her out and have any chance of her scarfiing up who knows what on the street and/or leave her alone for now.

So I'll hang out here and see if she has to go out and "do anything" tho yes, my dear dog is home thankfully!

Dale, I had a good little laugh over which head J is using re taking vacations but canna pay to have his dau's car fixed.. there's a name that comes to my mind that starts w/sh*t and ends with head .. not nice tho hmmmphhh whoever said I was nice anyway!

Judy, you go girl and get what you need. GF's can take the backseat to wives and children as far as I'm concerned (oops that's really too true). Didn't mean it "that" way! you know what I mean!!!

Signing out and thanks ladies for asking about Lola. Need to see if she has to go out again before it's dark or even in the dark ~ just before I'm in sleepytown.
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