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I"m not going to remember half of what you guys have said, but i will try.
first i'm glad Lola did not require any surgery, hope she is all cleared out. I wonder what she ate. My buddy sniffs a lot first so i do get a chance to check out most things. He is mostly interested in marking everything as his!
Henry on the other hand, still a puppy and will eat anything, he seems to just swallow and not taste either.
Please give us an updated update on Lola.

Dale are you better after your bad week? How about you Maria after carrying Lola?

Yesterday aside from waking up with back pain, i woke up from a non sleep night with a migraine. I was up every hour and half hour wondering why i couldn't sleep. Then when i finally had to get up for school, i had this migraine. I had one migraine pill left and took it, half hour later, with no effect, I took my morning dose of percocet. I went to school only about 20 minutes late, but my instructor has already given me free control of when i come, what i do when there and so on. He is really sweet. One more week and our final on Sunday and it is over. I am going to miss everyone. We all started together in June.

Oh i know which head my former husband is thinking or not thinking out of. He was supposed to come over last night to divide or talk about dividing up assets and debt, but he was a no show. He is supposed to now come tonight around 6:30. Also to take Jamie out to eat for her birthday (yesterday) i hope seeing he is also coming here to talk to me he has the sense to leave the girlfriend home. Jamie does not want to see her. That is why he cannot do another dinner at his house.

Yesterday with remnants of my migraine and being wiped out by no sleep and having to park at least a half a mile away from school, i almost thought i was not going to make it to the classroom. By the time i was close i was dragging my book bag. Our 2 coding books weigh a ton collectively. Really very heavy. It did no favors to my back. It is definitely the left side that is hurting the most . My leg on that side has been throbbing some this morning. It feels like a lump is sticking out on that side of my back too, very uncomfortable to sit back on that side. so yesterday I was kind of one sided sitting. then to look at the cases we are given to do, i realized my neck was all of a sudden hurting on the left side. Just the way my posture was doing all the paperwork. Wonder how an 8 hour 5 day a week job will feel? I can already tell. I don't know what kind of job i could do comfortably, probably none and i will just have to pick the best of the bunch. Or in 2 years move to some place really cheap and hope jeff lives forever or at least longer than me for money support. Of course as he has not saved for retirement, once he is there , we will both be in trouble. Unless , of course he is still with a girl friend who supports him.
Ok rambling, it is already one thirty and i have not even got in the shower yet, better do that.


2007 ACDF 4-7
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2009 thoracic T-5 thru T-11fusion
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2010 Kyphoplasty T-3, T-4
2011 Cervical osteotomy ,revision C4-T5
2011 Foot surgery
2011 Revision fusion T7 thru L4/laminectomy
2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
2012 Revision fusion T-12 thru L5
2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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