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Hi Maria,
I started using hiking poles when hiking in my local trails after my hip replacement. They have saved many a fall, but i feel it would be ridiculous to use them on the pavement. I would rather use a cane , but it is not really necessary. My recent fall was in my bedroom and even if i was walking with a cane i sure would not be using one inside my cluttered house.

I do imagine it does burn a few more calories. I do or maybe do not have a cross country nordic track machine. I guess if jeff took it i will remind him i bought it for myself and ask him to bring it back. When i can exercise , of course.

I never made the pie because my daughter was going to a friends house adn wants to be part of it. So she asked me to wait until today, with the weather so nice she will have to wait until later. I'm hoping i can send my older daughter to the store for the apples.

Sorry about your aol. My computer keeps connecting to some other network that is not in my house and the signal is weak and i have to realize it has done it again and manually set it to my house one. It is set as automatic, but i assume someone was in my room on my computer and changed it accidentally. Ahh i just remember seeing my daughter sitting in here yesterday. Found the culprit.

I just found my MP3 player buried on my night stand and am excited to bring tunes with my walking. Maybe tunes instead of doggie today. He seems to have a tummy ache or at least his exhaust pipe smells that way!!!

2007 ACDF 4-7
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2010 Kyphoplasty T-3, T-4
2011 Cervical osteotomy ,revision C4-T5
2011 Foot surgery
2011 Revision fusion T7 thru L4/laminectomy
2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
2012 Revision fusion T-12 thru L5
2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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