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Default re walking poles

Wasn't sure if you were on pavement or not the way you described your walks as hikes I thought it might not be on pavement rather on trails. Where my husband lives there are some incredible trails but he lives kind of far out so I hardly ever see anyone on them except on the weekends. There seems to be quite a bit of wildlife out there (snakes, coyotes) and such so I'm just too scared to walk on the trail alone since that one time I did so pavement/city walking it is for me! I thought perhaps the poles would help you to be more upright but if you're not that extreme that you don't "have to have" something and you can still walk or can get by with a cane that sounds good too or at least like a viable solution. I would imagine that you have to be even more cautious than normally re uneven ground/sidewalk and any kind of unbroken or dubious surfaces so I do hope you will figure out what works best for you.

When I'm walking on the bike path and there's no one around I try to involve my upper extremities (arms) in motion as well so as to burn off more calories.

I can't believe how much more energy I have lately because of my increased walking. It's just amazing! I wish I had no impediments to walking (feet at this time) so that I could walk and walk and walk however I am glad I get to do as much as I am.

I had wanted to try a recipe I saw for a caramel pumpkin supreme pie for TG. I've been invited to LA to relatives, and to 2 sets of friends around here so I'd like to come up with a few pies (may have to buy them!)! Realistically I think I'll make it to one TG meal and maybe desert at another.
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