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Default steep grade

I don't think I could hike that either. Not sure how my back would respond tho my feet would not like it. Flat surface walking I have to do more to get the exercise benefit tho I try to "shake it up" a bit and walk a far enough bit to go up and down some man made hills (streets). Yesterday I walked up more stairs down by the Pike just to bump up my heartrate a bit and walked fast most of the walk. I felt it pretty badly in my feet last night and then in my feet and back this morning. Tho the back stuff seems to have worn off already (been up an hour). Feet still hurting.

Dark early also makes me want to be home watching the tube and off to sleep earlier. If I take Lo out in the dark I carry a flashlight so I can see where she "goes." I notice many people don't bother tho Sure wish they did!
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