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Default the cold

I read that 75mg of Zinc (gluconate or acetate I think) a day during a cold can reduce the duration of the cold by 4 days. There's an OTC remedy called Cold Eze that has Zinc in it and is touted to stop all symptoms of a cold tho I don't know about that. I have used Zicam spray and reduced the duration of a cold several times.

Hope you had a good night volunteering and your back/neck are hanging in there.

I really have done nicely with shedding some of the weight that was distributed to my waist and lower tummy. Now hopefully it'll start coming off my hips. I didn't walk as far yesterday because of my feet tho I walked about a mile and walked fast the whole time/way.

I need to once again get serious w/my dietary efforts however (just go back to eating very lightly for dinner).
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