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I can't wait to discuss the flat back syndrome with my surgeon next week. I really have all the symptoms and wonder if he will think that physical therapy will help at all. It certainly can not give me back my lordosis. Only surgery can do that. I would be ready for it too as this is also effecting my hips, upper back, neck and knees. Too much when you are really out of alignment.

Last night volunteering went great. We were done by a little before 10, which is a first for me to be home by 11. I am still exhausted though , i had a doctor apt this morning at 10. My body just needs so much sleep. I can hardly stay awake, i'm hoping when i take a walk in a little while that it wakes me up a bit.

Maria i hope your feet are cooperating and letting you walk today.
I will try the zicam with the next cold, which i hope is years away!

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