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Default re flat back syndrome

I didn't see surgery as an option in treating FBS (which also could be failed back surgery so I don't mean FBS as that!). I just worry that surgery after surgery is going to make you weaker rather than stronger. Guess you'll find out what's what when you speak to your surgeon about it.

As for me my right foot is bothering me re the posterior tibial tendonitis so I'm definately slowed down a bit. Had to take a shorter walk yesterday than the day before tho at least got one in. I really need the loooonnnnnggggg walks tho for the effect of losing a tad of the padding around my hips/bumm now as it has done such a quick and good job of getting off some of the little additional padding I had going on around the tum.

I didn't sleep too much last night.. 5 hours or so and felt like it was "enough" so was up at 3a.m. today! Means I'll be tuckered out by 7p.m. most likely or even earlier! Oh well.. gotta get Lola out early this morning as we didn't go out after 5:30p.m. yesterday!
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