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I am getting so frustrated with this flat back syndrome. I feel i am feeling worse the more i do. It has definitely not improved in the last month. I guess i should be posting this on the thread i just started!!

My mind is ready to go for a long walk, but unfortunately my back in all areas is not. so Buddy and i will do our regular route.
Nothing to drink in this house except a tiny bit of milk and tap water so i will be off to Trader Joes after, although i really want to jump in the shower with Buddy and wash him. Then the soup i am hoping to make needs to cook for quite a while. I am hoping i can convince my older daughter to make it. Also that i can convince one of the boys to come shopping with me so i don't have to carry a thing. I guess i could ask for help out, just hate doing that.

I hope your feet are in a cooperative mood today and you got your walk in. I'm glad you know exactly what is going on with them too. I need to have one of my big toenails removed again (it was just removed with my last foot surgery) . It has grown in goofy and stopped about a quarter of the way up. It always hurts some too. With anything pressing on it. I may just have the whole nail bed removed or destroyed whatever they do. I made an apt for the beginning of Dec to see the foot surgeon again. Never ends. It sticks up so it also catches on everything including my blankets.

Time to do my little exercise.

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2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
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2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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