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Default walks

I know I get very frustrated w/my feet now as they are less cooperative than my back re pain. They were however OK yesterday so took a good hour long walk in the a.m. and then my regular dog walks which are so full of stop, sniff and pee that a good dog walk takes an hour tho is in seriously slo-mo!
And Lola pulls so much or stops so suddenly I'm sure my right arm is going to have serious probs later on.

Oddly enough mentioning toes (of which mine are a mess) my two big toes curve upwards at the end of my toe and end up wearing a hole in my running shoes so they look raggedity even tho they're not very old! I can only wear certain ones that my inserts fit well in and don't over correct my arch and they running shoes have to be very light weight so as to not feel like they pull at my heel or whatever.

Yesterday I saw a Von's delivery truck delivering groceries or what looked like prepared meals? I hadn't ever seen that before. It was interesting to see the truck opened up and how the groceries were stacked in these plastic containers. The guy that was delivering them really has a tough job physically as the lifting and then loading them up on this cart that he bent over to push to the correct building looked like murder on the spine. When I see stuff like that I want to say something and sometimes I do but he was too busy. Stuff like that makes me wince ~ of course I catch myself doing some pretty stupid things spine wise! I think I'm going to write Vons corporate offices about what I saw and how I think that could be remedied (maybe the equip the guy was using was just faulty or damaged and just needs replacement).
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