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I sure hope you can get back to some regular sleeping schedule. Yours sounds crazy.
I saw my spine surgeon and updated on my flat back thread. I don't know where to post anything to you and Dale lately!!
I made my reservations for Florida, the ticket prices went down yesterday and again today. The only problem was today with the lowest prices our flight back home leaves Florida at 5:45am. I tried all the airlines and the latest i could find for a departure was 8 so it would still make on of my brothers get up really early. So we will figure it out when we get there. Have you had any crazy flights? Can you return a rental car in the middle of the night?

I am bringing desserts and whatever my kids want to drink tomorrow to my friends house. My oldest went to Trader Joes and the grocery store. I love her for doing that, well i just love her and the rest of them. My back is so happy it does not have to shop. Standing and baking will be enough.
It is already almost 3 and i have not walked yet so need to get ready. Although i wonder if my back would feel better if i skipped it. Just like your feet. I will probably skip it tomorrow so i really need to go for the weight situation. although everything i lost has come back except for 1 pound. I had lost 4 recently. I am so bummed. I never even eat more than 2 meals and they are small per day. As soon as i added a little food in the middle of the day the pounds came back.

My doc wanted me to wait until January to start Physical therapy but i got a prescription from him yesterday anyway. He said if i feel ready , but only for my lumbar , nothing for my neck yet. I see him next the beginning of January.

Better go so i can walk and then start baking
Happy Thanksgiving

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