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Default re how crazy sleep schedule impacts my spine

Hey Judy,
Well I was running around getting this and that and definately doing some things of a nature I tell everyone else not do to (don't lift this don't move that don't..) and I was a ball of nervous energy and high anxiety so the night before I was supposed to go to the relatives I had probably only slept a total of 4 hours in 2 days and that night before 0 hours .. had palpitations and just was anxious as could be. Not conducive to sleep at all.

So the day of TG I just went to my neighbors across the street with 9 other people and we had a really nice time. I was so happy as I got home after a few hours and walked Lola and fed the cats then laid down on the love seat and after a few hours of sleep someone had to come knocking on my door.

Tried to get up fast and my back went out!!!! Yep! I couldn't even breath it hurt so bad (Ok I breathed but couldn't talk and didn't want to have anybody over just then). Just got myself to the bedroom and laid down.

Next day (yesterday) gave myself an injection of 60mg Toradol IM (had some med left over from last trip to TJ) and that helped yesterday greatly. Today still hurting on left side over ileac crest and below it and can't sit really. Did walk yesterday and this morning (probably shouldn't have).

So how'd your TG go?? I need to get back on my diet!!! DRAT! The good news is I have slept like a baby these last few days! Missed seeing the relatives tho and not sure I can get up this weekend before a bunch go back to respective homes (MA. Hawaii, Vegas).
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