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I am so sorry to hear you hurt yourself doing too much. I guess it is a life long thing now to take it easy all the time.
Glad you are back , hopefully, to a more normal sleep pattern. Last night i couldn't sleep at all. Don't know why.
As far as weight, i am petrified to get on my scale. I may wait a few more days.
Our Thanksgiving was nice at my friends house. it is a gorgeous mountain home, it was freezing up there so we had the 2 fireplaces going. My kids enjoyed the pool table and played Wii in the upstairs living room and we were downstairs drinking wine and talking them finishing dinner. We were all too stuffed to even consider dessert so we left some of everything for her . Then seeing she lives alone we got to take home the rest of the turkey , stuffing and mashed potatoes.

My back got very worn out during the clean up stage. I got to a point when we were almost done and i just told Rose, i had to sit down, just could not stand another minute. I hadn't taken any pain meds as i knew we would be drinking some wine and boy the wine wore off and no pain meds, ouch. I was so fortunate to have my kids there because they carried everything to the car and home and put it all away.
I'm having a lot of palpitations today too, don't know why. I didn't sleep very well last night at all. I remember looking at the clock every half hour or so until 4 then got some sleep. My dog sleeps in later than i do.

My walks went well yesterday and today. I thought i noticed on Monday and Tuesday that they were a little better . Either i am a little better or i have been better managing my pain medicine to the right time frame to walking. I also started taking a muscle relaxer before walking as well. It could be that. I hate when i change too many variables at once.

My doc had said see him the beginning of January and then we would talk about more epidural injections as i also have my right hip starting to bother me again. I thought about that after i left and on Friday left a message with him to maybe get the injections sooner so i could maybe enjoy the holiday's more and be able to do more things. Not sure if he will go for that one. I have also been using my heating pad a lot lately. It feels good at the time, not sure if it helps though. Ice would probably be more helpful.

Hope you are healing or healed now. TAke it easy

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