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Hi Maria,
We got our power back yesterday at 3pm. It was great and very exciting after 4 cold dark nights.
My back is bothering me , my lumbar and i just got word back from my surgeon that i can have some injections to see if that helps. I called originally last monday hoping i could get them this Wednesday before my trip to Florida. Just got a call back today , so i don't think my insurance co will approve it in one day so i will have to wait a few weeks more.
Now my foot is hurting. My left one. Saw that doc today and said it is hammertoes developing. Sound familiar. It bothered me the whole time i was walking today. He gave me some metatarsal pads and some tape . I am supposed to stretch them every day and tape up toes 2 and 3. We'll see if this works.
Glad to hear you are doing much better. I am happy i can use my heating pad on my back again. Or ice . It was too cold in my house to use ice while the power was out.

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