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Default re back/foot/power

Hi Judy,
I don't think my back would do well at all w/o heat. I mean I know it wouldn't! I am very glad you got your power back as that must have been grueling to live w/o!

I need to see a podiatrist re my right foot hammertoes. Esp. one toe actually had tendon or ligament spasms I think and was really painful one afternoon and all night long. It's better but it can come on very suddenly and be extremely painful (like difficult to bear weight on that foot). So that means I need to find a podiatrist. I tried the pads and tape before tho mine are very messed up re the joints.

Well I thought my back was doing good until this morning while standing at the sink in the bathroom I leaned forward and man o man did I get a nasty spasm right across my back. Super sharp pain and the left side has some mild pain in it now so I had one good day of relief.

I have to take the cats for grooming today so I do hope this lets up so I can manage that as it's a big hassle to get parking nearby my apt. in the afternoon to load them up and put in car and to bring them back, unload and carry upstairs. It's the biggest stupid pain in the arse! Will see if I can manage it today or have to let it go. Persians are a lot of work re their coats and when the fur on the backside gets long stuff gets stuck in there when they're "going #2 sometimes.. yuck!!!

Then there's Lola who pulls me so much I think that's why my back isn't able to recover on the left side as I realized when I don't walk her or have her (when she stays w/my husband) usually I have no back probs! dh and I still aren't talking so no hope of Lola going there for a few weeks. Sigh....

take care and good luck with all the prep to get ready for your trip to Fla. How's your Dad BTW?
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