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Default back/feet/other

Yes that pad part under my toes hurts at times. It feels like the bones have the weight of the world on them and then I have trouble baring weight or walking and usually have to get off my feet or sort of limp along not putting so much weight on that part of my foot. The toes are maddening. I had bunion surgery on my left foot and all toes broken on that foot and reduced and it took a while (more than several years) for all toes to feel Ok. Now the right foot is doing the same thing as the left foot did but I'm a bit reluctant to have surgery on that side because I have something called "lymphedema" in my right leg and while it's rather mild currently I don't want to do something that could spark a big problem on that side and surgery anywhere on that extremity could do that. In fact I probably started to have the problem sometime during my right knee injury and or 2 knee surgeries (noticed it starting before my 2nd knee surgery in 1990).

Sorry to hear about your Dad and I do hope you'll be able to get him to eat as well. Stupid insurance crap. You'd think the HMO could get the auth for something as important as that STAT but that's what I really hate about HMOs is the even slower than normal authorization process if it happens at all. They're as bad or worse than WC. Anyway I do hope your Dad gets the auth STAT for his needs and will have more energy and eat. Also am glad you're getting your injections so that you'll feel your best for traveling and helping your parents out.

If you're wondering what I'm doing at the computer right now I was completely asleep and Lola woke me up barking in my face nearly at 11:30p.m. to take her out to P. I guess I should say I'm glad she woke me up vs. the alternative! Now I hope I get back to sleep!

Nightynight! Maria
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