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Default back/feet

Hey Judy,
I'm not ignoring Dale tho this thread is yours so I do hope Dale might check it out as I find it easier than emails too actually and since I have enough stuff that seems to be back related I just find it easy to post here. I guess eventually we'll have to stop or this will be the longest thread on the forum!

My back seems stabilized for now tho that's subject to whatever I do I guess. My right foot has that one toe that is going to need attention. I definately want to have the surgery done on this foot as well because the left foot is so much better off because of the "hammertoe reduction surgery" but I want to find the right person to do it. That might be difficult before the new year as E's insurance changes in January (he's still not talking to me).

I have lightly decorated my small apt. for Christmas. I put lights up on my small balcony and some decorations around the living room and have a tiny tree on my kitchen table! I don't go all out with decorations as I usually end up at friends/relatives homes that are heavily decorated and it's just a pain for me to do and undo plus in a small space with 3 animals I'd rather not have anything up they can get into (esp. one of my older cats and Lola that likes to eat whatever).

It's a shame that we get ESIs so we can clean tho I remember doing that as well or at least that being a major activity I'd do after I got one!!! Please don't overdo now that you've had your ESI!

take care and hope Dale will come back and say hi as well here or maybe we should email her! I wonder how her blogging is going and/or website development? Will have to email her! bye now! Maria
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