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Default safe travels

Hi Judy,
Not sure you'll see this before you leave tho hope your trip is a safe and fairly comfortable one and I do hope your Dad is doing Ok.

I didn't say why dh isn't speaking to me most likely. Just got mad at me one day about something and we haven't spoken since. Wasn't anything super big deal but I guess he felt it was. Oh well.. I hope eventually he will not be mad at me.

I think my back is finally giving me a break and hope it continues to do so b4 the next time it flares up which would probably be around Christmas or whenever I'm overdoing and not getting enough rest! My toe is probably going to have to wait until next year for surgery because I likely need the bunion done and all the toes on that foot and if I do it would want to do it all at once.

With dh's insurance changing not sure who I'd be able to go to so will have to check that out as well. Will look up your guy and see where he practices down this way if anywhere I can get to. I would want it to be somewhere close by though and I'm worried about who would take care of Lola as she needs to be walked at least 3x/day. Guess I'd have to pay someone.

Oh well those worries can be pushed aside for now and thought about closer to the time I decide to do something!

Wishing you a good trip and holiday with your family!
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