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Hi Maria,
I just got back yesterday after one day of not sleeping around the clock. Didn't like that at all. Next time non of that nonesence. It was worth it with the large amount of tickets i bought, but i suspect next time it will be just me.
good thing my back likes to sit ok. So the travel was Ok. I only carried my healthy back purse, and a book , and a small pillow. I didn't even bring a suitcase, i just put my stuff in my kids bags and didn;t take much.

I mostly sat with my dad on the couch when he was awake and only ventured out the last day to get my nephew (little one) something for Christmas. Even though my dad didn;t speak much after the first day i was there, i sat with him and every once in a while he spoke.
My back was happy with this trip. Mostly sitting and just 2 days i went for a walk and it is flat as a pancake. I did notice the difference when i walked versus when i didn't so it really wants to be a couch potato. Which i am not. Seeing i have not done much for Christmas, and i have a bunch of appointments coming up, it will be taxed in the next 10 days for sure. Still if i bend over, it really is hard to get up and hurts. Maybe something i am not supposed to do.
The toes were acting up on both feet though and i only did a little walking as i mentioned. So now i wonder what will happen when i get back into my routine.
The good news is i lost 5 pounds when i was there. I usually gain weight at my moms as she is always cooking and has cookies around. I found out my cortisol level was not low for the first time in like 4 years , so i stopped taking my hydrocortisone replacement, i really think that is why i could not loose weight. All that time i was fighting it too. I guess it was good or i would have a lot more to loose.
I'll probably run out of steam early today (east coast time) so i'd better get going.

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2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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