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Your surgeon does not want to tell you what to do anymore since what he did seems to have failed. You may want to consider seeing someone that does revisions and just see what they say tho it could be too early to do something or true that nothing should be done at least for a while.

I'm sorry to hear you're worse. This is my main reason for not wanting to have more spine surgery. I know how I am now and don't want to get to that point where I don't where I'm at again. I'll keep this position for as long as possible at least.

Easy to say what will help a person before it's done tho once all the "stuff" is done and there are still probs or more probs then it seems it's not easy to say what to do anymore.

Gil I just hope you get some good pain relief and hope this stuff straightens itself out w/o more surgical intervention. I guess however it'd not hurt anything just to see if anyone would recommend revision surgery or something else. Recommendations can't hurt as long as they are just that.
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