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Default that was quick

Hi Judy,
Now I've forgotten when
s you had your surgery tho it doesn't seem all that long ago! I guess because you've been active from the get go so seems like you never even had a surgery to me tho I'm sure you can tell the difference!

I'd be so happy to hear I could have ESIs every 3 months. Or I would have been happy. They really helped me out when I needed them. Now my OSS knows WC won't pay for them so doesn't even request them for me anymore. I wish they would but the case is far too old and I'm considered a "lifer" and WC just wants me to settle out my benefits so they only pay for the pain medication which is dirt cheap.

Just as long as I"m this mobile I'm ok. I noticed today however that my right leg in which I have lymphedema was more tight and swollen and I have some pitting edema on the lateral aspect right above my heel (side of my foot). It doesn't hurt but has me worried as it's a new development for the swelling to be down that low and it really does scare me (if you'd seen my Dad leg you'd know why I'm worried). Now I'm going to have to get more strict with my diet (salt intake) wearing compression stockings, and elevating my leg while at rest. Right now I'm semi reclining on the love seat with my laptop on my lap, my grey persian cat snuggled next to me and I have my right leg elevated on the back of the love seat. Lola is up on the futon sofa on the back of it watching the squirrels play in the tree in in front of the window and my other persian is sleeping away in the bedroom.

Such a lazy day! not.. I was writing Christmas cards and only mailed off 4 of them, did a bit more christmas shopping, went to the post office, stopped at the bank, now writing and will go out and take my walk and then come back and walk Lola once again.

Ok wishing you a good day whatever you're doing and hoping you're feeling well and hoping Dale is doing well with all that she's doing for the holidays and of course everyone else!
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