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Default re beach

I didn't make it to the dog beach. Too much going on and I can no longer bathe Lola in my tub as she's too big for me to deal with that and even the do it yourself wash places have been hard for me re Lola's increased weight. I don't think she weighs that much more than before tho she's definately over 20lbs and big in the bumm area. When she puts up any resistance and she does it just overpowers me nearly or wears me down quite a bit.

So have been running around doing stuff and today to Sprouts for veggies and Vitamin City and Trader Joes. Gotta use my Vitamix and gotta start eating very right.

Went to lab this a.m. for my bloodwork and because that made me about 4 hours later on my a.m. coffee and some breakfast I am feeling a bit run down or not quite right yet tho no aches/pains to speak of~

Hope all is well w/you and your spine! take care!! Maria
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