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Default re your hike

Is the area where you hike close to your home or do you drive there? Sounds like great fun for Buddy.. I think Lola would love something like that and she could definately pull me along tho I know what you mean about meeting up with a less than friendly dog and esp. if on difficult for any reason footing.

Really the only thing that is bothering me is my right foot the last 3 toes. They drive me crazy so I have to use something to thinly pad or buffer them from each other. I cannot even wear a sock on my foot because if it makes the toes get closer together they cramp up or run into each other and really hurt much more. Or some such weird thing!

Glad you're able to make it up the trail even if sitting you seem to fall right to sleep. I seem to do that too unless sitting straight up which I don't do much of because of my sitting on my tailbone for long bugs me so when relaxing I "lean" to one side and relax.

Like you said some things are not so hot with my bod tho things definately could be much worse so I'm far from complaining!

Happy Healthy New Year! Maria
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