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Default my insur card

Hi Judy,
Supposed to get it today from someone driving up to LB from where hub lives so hopefully will get it sometime today. I tried to use a printed out copy of the card to get my medicines yesterday but was unable to do so. Walgreens says they are unable to process the request as they cannot reach the insur. co. Never had that prob w/BCBS. I sure hope this isn't going to be a big insurance pain in the butt. Hub's company changed carriers.

Hope by now you found your readers. I have 3 pairs and one I cannot find. I try to leave on pair in the living room and one in the bedroom and one in my purse (the one I can't find). Probably left them somewhere...

How's everything w/you? Did you enjoy the heat wave? It sure was nice for my back as colder weather just makes my hands ache so much tho the first day of heat brought on a migraine for me. That's normal..

Took a lonnnnggg beach walk yesterday and it was lovely~ sure love the beach. Left Lola at home tho because she only likes to walk certain routes which are ones where she thinks she'll run across her friends or pick up food on the street. I think she weighs 25lbs now as she's getting hard for me to lift. I was holding her last night and my tspine hurt and still hurts a bit today.

I just found out yesterday I still have osteoporosis with a t score of t-2.4 I think as the average. Have to pick that report up for my rheumatology appt. (see this doctor on the 23rd of Jan).

ok hope all is well w/you...take care and hope Dale is doing well too!
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