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Default re insurance card

I have it in my hot little hand! Have to go to Walgreens and see what's up w/my scripts. If anything. I did see the cash price on one was going to be $185 and they were going to try to get a pre authorization from the doctor but don't know if that will happen or not. I don't want to pay $185 for a GI med. Gotta be something different I can take...

Ok glad to hear downhill hiking going good for you. I'm doing long flat walks mostly with a bit of uphill maybe and that's good tho my last two toes on right foot can kill me during the end at times so I'm trying different things to pad them and still not make the shoe too tight as they swell.

If not one thing it's another! Sounds like PT is going well for you so your New Year must be going quite well! Good for you! Hope your kids are doing well too! take care~ Maria
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