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I hope you have better days ahead. I've had days like yours though.

I have seen Leisure World when i get off the freeway on my way to the beach though, just the outside. I guess i will not look it up as it looks like you will not be there any time soon!
I dread the day we have to move out of this house. It is a rental, but i won't be able to afford the rent once the child support is ended. Of course non of this has started yet.
I really can't do anything with this back unless i am on pain meds. I don't want to take them all day and night. I do wake up early, tired and in pain. If i take them then and get a few hours more of decent sleep, i don't have much left for the day. I am going to talk to my pain management doc on Monday. Also see my spine surgeon on Monday. And have physical therapy. It will be a busy day.

I hope you are feeling better . Should be about staying in your place. That decision about where i should go next will be horrible for me. Need to find a nice town that is cheaper for rent!!! I would leave the state entirely and should but my daughter is now at UCIrvine and i don't want her to leave until she is ready. Not sure i would be able to pay rent for her either. All these unknowns drive my nuts.
take care

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