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Hi Maria,
sounds good to wait for a warm weather week and see what are schedules are like then. I can't believe how busy i stay with md appointments. Tomorrow i have physical therapy followed by 2 medical appointments. No chance to walk or hike, just a short trip around the block for Buddy if i am lucky with traffic.

My back could never handle picking up my dog at 16 pounds. that is why i don't walk into town and take him to the pharmacy or into any store, if i don't pick him up there is a good chance he will have to mark his territory and he thinks he owns every inch of wherever he goes. If i even carry one bag of groceries , i pay for about a week, inbetween my shoulder blades just burns. I have a new pain going into my left butt now. it is pretty constant on the right side, but the left had gone away for a few months and now reappears. Great. I wish once some painful area clears up it would stay that way.
I come down the 605 then go by leisure world then head left on PCH, so i don't know what i am closer to, haven't looked at a map in ages. But i am very familiar with the doggie beach in Huntington. I can't wait to go , i am truly missing the beach right now.
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