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Default re beach

If you're getting off near LW you're actually close to Seal Beach, Belmont Shore and HB. I can meet you at any of these tho if it's a questionable day for me re timing Seal Beach or Belmont Shore would be closer. I hate to have you drive that much considering you seem to actually have more spine wise going on than me tho at least you've not limited yourself as I have me with regard to driving.

It'd be great to get together. I look forward to actually getting to meet you in person!

re picking my dog up I shouldn't lift Lola either. I feel it in my thoracic spine and that worries me because I have been told I have DDD around the the bra hook area in the back. I have scoliosis at T7 and have had a few instances of such sharp pain that it took my breath away in this area. I worry now about a disc herniation in this area as my Ortho told me long ago he expected the T spine to go next tho seems like my cervical area did. He said I am one of the unfortunate persons with DDD thru out my spine or in other words~ I have a "crappy spine"~ and that is exactly how he put it.

So Lola shouldn't be picked up .. I know this! I wish I had a really little skinny dog (16-17lbs feels that way to me).

Ok so hopefully we can get together soon! Looking forward to that! Wish that Mark could join us too. Also hope Dale is doing well and imagine that she is probably just busy. take care~ Maria
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