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Default re neck brace

do you use a hard neck brace or is it more like a soft collar brace? Do you sleep in a soft collar or do you have x amount of hours w/o it daily?

I still haven't made a podiatry appt tho am going to have to do it as my feet are bugging me when I walk over a mile now which is every day that I walk. I hate being limited by something like a bum toe or callouses and stuff like that after having to deal with posterior tibial tendonitis and getting thru the last few years of that as that was soooo painful and debilitating tho so can one toe be that way and some other seemingly minor things.

Arghhhhhhh....and to think my back is hardly at the root of my bodily complaints anymore~ that in itself is amazing!

I must say I woke up today with a pretty good little arthritic backache going on for the first hour or so I was awake. thankfully it passed and I'm fine tho it did feel very cranky when first up.

Lola has been out several times now tho she absolutely hates walking in the rain tho I can't say I blame her getting her little schnauzer cut all soakin wet!

Ok gotta go back out to Von's for an item I forgot yesterday. Good thing i live less than 5 mins away walking!

Hope you're doing OK in this weather! Maria
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