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Default re getting together

Maybe next week if the weather is good/warm. I'm kind of tied up this week too as I'm a bit tired and doing things in slo mo. Had a rheumy appt.yesterday that treats my osteoporosis. Going to try to get an auth for Prolio 2x/year. I think that's the name of the drug. I've got to read about it.

One of my cats is in renal failure and so I'm having to do a bit more with him this week, the other one has IBD so she's on a special diet too. Lola needs bathing and Winston (renal failure cat) needs grooming so guess I'll take them on a warmer day this week.

For now going out to run more errands.. does it never end... still have to get a podiatrist as my feet are bugging me more and I need to do something about it. Can't walk as much as I used to .. arghhhhh tho still walking.

take care and hope you have less pain! Maria
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