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Default re hammertoes

I'd be interested to see what your doc prescribed for your hammertoes. I tried some of the drug store things but they don't work or help me w/o making my toes more uncombortable. Having them all cut down on the left foot really helped and if I didn't have to worry about lymphedema in my right leg I'd want to have the same surgery (and bunionectomy) on right foot.

I still haven't seen anybody yet. I'm so bad about making new doctor appts! I have to see someone soon tho as I walked today and I can't walk as long or as far w/o having my right foot starting to hurt because of my toes.

I don't remember what day I have a doc's appt. coming up this week so am going to call the office tomorrow and find out (didn't write it down) and then have to take Winston to Vet on Thurs or Friday a.m. for fluids. If I do it early enough we can meet after that. I'll probably have to bring Lola just because she wants to go "everywhere" w/me unless it's too hot outside then she's ok about staying home.

You'd recognize me if I bring Lola my miniature schnauzer! I'm 5'2" with shortish blondish hair.

Last week was really back to back "stuff" for me too. I ran around so much I stayed home this weekend just relaxing with the animals pretty much! At least my ankle that was bothering me a lot feels much better so I hope it stays that way.

Glad to hear about your Dad's PET scan. That's great news!

ok will check back tomorrow! better get some sleep now!
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