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Default hammertoes

On the left foot first I had my bunionectomy and then I got something like a "trigger" toe in one toe for which I had cortisone shots to no avail and was walking on the side of my foot because of the pain I was having. So my then Podiatrist said I needed to have bone removed from that toe and the tendon needed to have something done and meanwhile he said I also needed all other toes cut down or some bone taken out so that they would be shorter and then my toes wouldn't curl like they do w/hammertoes.

He did the surgery in the office with me sitting up and a big drape over my legs and I had plenty of local anesthesia and something that made me tired so my husband talked to him the whole time and watched (he was fascinated) and I didn't really see what was being done (thankfully). It wasn't a terrible surgery to recover from suffice for the first week or two as it was very painful the first few days when I had to put my foot down (dependant position) because of the swelling tho still not as horrible as the bunionectomy!

I was going to have the same surgeries on the right foot w/bunionectomy and hammertoes but then my neck went out real badly then this podiatrist got a brain tumor at age 47 and he died within a few months. I haven't really found anyone I like as much as him tho I have to see someone soon.

I have my doc's appt. on Thurs at noon time which kind of screws things up for me because where I take Winston for his fluids is farther away than where I go to the doc's but they are both more or less in the same direction so I don't know if I can make 2 trips that day or not (like Vet really early and then doc's appt). I say this because parking down here where I live is so bad so I always have to try and get everything taken care of sort of early in the day that's by car if I can so I can have a decent parking space. May have to take Winston on Friday for his fluids tho I was thinking we could meet Friday if I can get everything cleared on Thurs.

Would you want to meet in Belmont Shore in Long Beach by any chance or maybe Seal Beach? There's a doggy beach in BS. It's not nearly as big as HB tho it's far easier re walking or we could go to lunch if I can get things taken care of in a "timely manner" ...

Lola doesn't like the heat anymore it seems so hopefully it won't be too hot by the end of the week either. Seems like these days I have so many pet considerations with everything!! Just like us as they get older they seem to want to "have it their way too!"

Ok will keep you posted and you me re what's going on this week and hopefully it'll work out!

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