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Default re everything

The hammertoe surgery really wasn't that bad to recover from and all he did was reduce the bone in each toe on the left foot to cut it down or make my toes shorter. Some toes still twist sort of but not as bad as before. I really need this on my right foot but am not sure I can have it done due to the lymphedema in that leg. I am seeing a podiatrist on 2/15 first time for hammertoes and whatever else one might diagnose w/my feet.

re your hub man what an arse to screw you out of your current lifestyle! It's difficult to find places that take 2 dogs so you might as well not mention the cat because the dogs would be seen re walking or whatever but if you have an in house cat you could probably not mention the cat. You'll likely need to pay a pet deposit for them as well and/or extra per month and going rate on pets is usually and extra $30-$40/mo for each pet listed. The deposit can be as high as the security deposit (so you can have this figured into whatever your hub will have to pay since they're part of the family too).

You might be able to get a big 2 BR apt. for that price tho I'm not sure about that. 2 BRs around here go for about $1600 plus and I'm not in the best part of town even tho I'm in a decent part down by the beach but older apts.

We can talk foot surgery stuff when we meet.. we'll probably both have to rest our tootsies anyway!!! Take good care and hope you're having a decent weekend~ Maria
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