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Default my hands

Hi Judy,
The tips of my fingers and fingers and thumbs are killing me. I've been avoiding the keyboard now as much as I can. It hurts just to type at all..let alone to use my hands doing everything I have to do. Not sure why I'm having what seems like an arthritic flareup in my hands at this time of year or when the weather is supposed to be good today. I could understand yesterday re the dampness/weather even tho we got little rain.

I'd like to be able to meet this week (maybe Friday if possible) or after taking Winston to the Vet tomorrow for fluids. He's better tho I feel like I'm an animal nurse here lately and then with my dh getting a diagnosis of Diabetes type 2 and given a script for med and glucometer tho no dietary instruction so he's calling me 5x/day at least re what to eat, what to have for snack, what to bring to work, what to make for dinner, what to buy and on and on.

I finally went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday and got him 2 very good books that I think will help him to understand as he didn't like the 2 books I got him last week.

He also had a dramatic change in vision and could hardly see so had to go to LensCrafters and get new glasses yesterday immediately and paid $600 for them compared to several pairs (like 3 or 4) at CostCo for that amount tho wait 2 weeks to get them.

I've been very worried about him ...anyway, I can't type much because it's hurting to do this so think I have to stop. Not sure if you'll see this or not tho if we don't get together this week maybe next. take care~ Maria
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