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Sorry, I may have confused you because the Prolo and the Ozone were administered at different times not together.

For Prolotherapy, my Doctor used Dextrose and Lidacain (sp?) and it's was injected along the spine from the upper lumbar to the sacrum and then across
the illiac crest (both sides). It's alot of needle sticks.
Yes, they do inject Prolo into the ligaments and tendons and near, but not into the discs.

For the two Ozone treatments, they were not injected into the disc as the study that I posted shows. There are doctors like Dr Shallenberger
who feel that it is not necessary to inject into the disk. They inject near the disk and the oxygen will heal up the area.

I believe both of these treatments are valid and hope that people here will investigate them on their own. Prolotherapy, in particular has
helped me rid much of my pain and I believe it should be considered before surgery by a qualified Prolo practioner. Unfortunately,
many doctors and particularly surgeons are biased against Prolotherapy because they are looking at poorly done studies that have
used poor treatment protocols. However, Prolo continues to grow in usage in the U.S. because it works.

A good book on Prolotherapy came out a couple years ago and helped me to learn about it is: Healing Back and Joint Injuries by Dr Valdez

People can also google "Dr Hauser Prolotherapy". Hauser's sites have a lot of Prolo info available.

The downside to these two treatments in the U.S. is that insurance probably won't pay for it and the FDA has not approved the procedures.
That may bother some people but I think that the FDA is corrupt so I don't care about whether or not they approve something but I do
wish that insurance companies would cover it.

Hope this helps
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