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Originally Posted by Joshp View Post
Hello there, I'm brand new to this post and I'm glad that I found this discussion forum. My name Is Josh Piceno and I live In Aurora Il. and I wanted to know if theres a good Neuro Surgeon in the Chicago area that is reputible in disc replacement. I have a bulging disc in my c4 c5 section and I'm 28 yrs old. My neuro recomended a disc replacement and I'm a bit scared since I never had a surgery done before. How safe is it and is it possible the thing could slip and hit an artery. What are the risks of getting a replacement and are they slim. And last, what is the long term affect? how long is this artificial disc supposed to last?
it will most likely out live you ;o)
female age 45, height 5"6", 145 lbds, non smoker, conservative treatments failed, (7/2007) C4/5/6 peek disc replacements,plate & screws failed fusion,
(9/2008) revision with bone replace plate and screws, (10/2009) C3/4 stand alone peek cage, (12/2010) facet joint injections C3-7, (1/2011) rhizotomy C6/7 failed, Trouble swallowing
most recent mri (7/2011) shows ajacent level issues: right neural foraminal narrowing C2/3, posterior bulge indents thecal sac at C6/7/T1 no mass effect on cord.
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