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Bertognalli and Ritter-Lang are slick marketers and salesmen. I suspect that they are receiving kickbacks same as American doctors.

The M6 is junk but it is better junk than what's available in the US. The problem with the M6 is it is a tough install and it can migrate.

Stenum may be better than anything in the US but they are still crooks.

Stenum Nightmare - Stenum Nightmare

Ritter-Lang lied to the owner of Stenum Nightmare.

Lo and behold, about two years later, I started experiencing some pain and had gotten a new x-ray. What I discovered when I looked at that x-ray was shocking, to say the least. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I studied it closer. Something was very wrong. The device didn’t look like the M6 at all (I still had the picture of the device on my bulleting board!). I immediately called Sue Hart to inquire – “Yes, Brian, you have an M6.” I tried contacting Malte Petersen (the Administrator) and when he finally responded by email, he wrote that I had a Prestige and that that was what they planned all along. This guy had lied to me from the get go! He lied right to my face like it was a game. My spine became a portion of his greed, like I was a farm animal or a lab rat, totally expendable. The hospital never gave me correct paperwork for what was implanted. There was no serial number, no manufacturer, and no specific model name for what was in my neck. And to this day, I still don’t have any of this information.

Here is all my documentation and here is the email from Malte Petersen. Notice here the serial number I told you about... well as it turns out it's the same serial number as the M6 that my hospital roommate had on his paperwork. They gave me the serial number with the barcode off my roommate's implant. He and I were the only two to have the cervical disc replacements of all the U.S. patients that day. Are they so incompetent that they are unable to give their patient the correct paperwork? I don’t think so.

So, bottom line - They LIED to me. They USED me. And They LIED to me some more. Why? I'm not sure and probably never will be. I can only speculate... I believe Malte Petersen lied to help the hospital get easier pre-approval from B.C.B.S. and possibly other insurance companies. They don’t earn money from their native countrymen as they are on nationalized medicine. They market like crazy in the U.S. because it brings them MONEY, and lots of it.
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