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Default good grief

Okay: Acute is sudden on-set like from an injury or surgery..
Chronic; which is what most of us here are; it's everyday, continual, constant, and must be managed. Most doctors will only treat acute pain now or they will refer you to a "pain management doctor". The reason is simply that pmd most follow certain guidelines, screening, and testing of their patients. You must have urine tested every 3 months to make certain that you are actually taking the meds and not selling them. They look for certain levels based on you dosage so they can tell if you are taking it daily as Rx.
female age 45, height 5"6", 145 lbds, non smoker, conservative treatments failed, (7/2007) C4/5/6 peek disc replacements,plate & screws failed fusion,
(9/2008) revision with bone replace plate and screws, (10/2009) C3/4 stand alone peek cage, (12/2010) facet joint injections C3-7, (1/2011) rhizotomy C6/7 failed, Trouble swallowing
most recent mri (7/2011) shows ajacent level issues: right neural foraminal narrowing C2/3, posterior bulge indents thecal sac at C6/7/T1 no mass effect on cord.
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