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I know that seems like a crazy rant but jeeze at some point a doctor has to be judged on their performance.

If you call a plumber to your house for a broken dunny and he turns a spanner a few times, gives it a kick, flushes it, watches it overflow all over the floor, then turns to you and says 'job done mate', you'd boot him up the arse and turf him out the front door and never hire the incompetent fool again.

But if you go to a doc and say ' I am in severe pain ', and he goes, 'nah you're alright', well everythings ok because it's the doc who decides what pain you are in not yourself!! patently ridiculous!!

And in everyones viewpoint it's the doc who is right, in society at large, the doc is a protected species.

As for the poor bugger who is disabled by pain, can't work, going down the toilet financially and may or may not have a family to help him out... well tough titties mate.

Most people in severe chronic pain are impoverished or rely on a family member to earn an income. Just a ridiculous situation, and totally avoidable.
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