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My doctor did a good job for me getting some of my denials for surgery approved without me getting involved. Like when my neck was clearly broken and they denied the surgery.
Now my docs (endocrinologists office) had fought with Aetna over a much needed medication for 6 months. I sent in my personal appeal on Jan 10th certified mail and it has been closed as a duplicate 4 times now. Each supervisor says i have the right to file my personal appeal until last friday, now they say it is being squashed because i never had a right to appeal. I just realized i have been fighting them so long i am now eligible to file a whole new request for the very expensive medication. so the new battle will begin.

2007 ACDF 4-7
2008 hip , knee scope, hip replacement
2009 thoracic T-5 thru T-11fusion
2009 VATS T7-8, posterior only T11-12. removal of thoracic hard wear
2010 lung surgery
2010 T2-L2 kyphosis correction
2010 Kyphoplasty T-3, T-4
2011 Cervical osteotomy ,revision C4-T5
2011 Foot surgery
2011 Revision fusion T7 thru L4/laminectomy
2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
2012 Revision fusion T-12 thru L5
2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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