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Default Coflex f Implants still in pain?

Hi All

I am still here look at the site every day just not posting.
Well here i am in worse pain after two years after my last surgery two Coflex implants lumbar spine.
The latest from three consluts that this devise does not workNow looking at more surgery Fusion two levels or more. sending info to the Vail Stedman clinic with Dr Corenman Has anyone ever heard of him. Seems to know his shit more than others in the past

As always all the best to all
L5-S1 lam 1994
L2 to L5 DDD
L3 -L4 hern Dec 2007.
L4-L5 Annular fissure with mild central stenosis and moderate facet hypertrophy.
L2-L3 Right-sided neural foraminal narrowing at and L3-L4 related to posterolateral hypertrophic spurs and facet hypertrophy.
C3-C4 limited DDD
9 injections Depo. P.T. 13 months 5 dose packs,
Nerve Block Injections.4 ESI S1
L5-S1 foraminotomy 09
L4-L5 Microdiscectomy 09 Reherniate 4-2010
Coflex-L Implants L4 to S1
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