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Well something else we have in common.
It surprised me because with the long wait for L5/S1 to be done, I thought that was a possibility but I maintained minimal disc height loss and good facets and so forth for a long time.
My cervical CT that I got end of March did not look too cheery. The report sounded bad. To go from minimal disc height to severe disc loss in four months that was like getting socked in the stomach. However, I knew the pain was increasing quickly and that usually means things are going downhill.
Funny thing or not, I knew I was headed for surgery when things started going south. So no ADR, two fusions coming up and probably a longer recovery than if I had done something back in November. But my surgeon did the right thing, because if at all possible you should avoid surgery. He is not cut happy. I tried PT and got an "F". Now, I just want to feel better.

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